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Welcome to Solar 2 U. We are glad you came. On this site we will endeavor to provide you with solar innovations technology news and events. You will also be able to find information about solar energy companies wherever you live. You can use our free resource to receive several instant online quotes for solar energy power systems from the most qualified solar energy providers around the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, China, Japan, Belgium, and Australia. We will be expanding to cover every country in the world.

Solar 2 U- Your solution to solar energy needs

Whether you are brand new or fairly experienced in the solar energy industry you can find great information about solar panels, solar batteries, and much more. I think we can all agree that energy costs are on the rise and are going to continue to rise. Join the thousands of happy families and businesses that have made the switch to solar energy. In most cases you have the ability to sell your excess energy back to the utility companies in most states via a feed-in-tariff scheme. There are many different types of solar solutions available and the industry innovations are rapidly changing. Get informed and get involved. The more residents and business owners that get on board the cheaper solar energy systems, panels, batteries, backup, and storage will become for all. In addition we will help our planet out!

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